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Dog's & Company Pet Treats

The Story of
Dogs & Company

It all started with my  love of Bulldogs....

I am a self renowned BULLDOG LOVER. Currently, I have two Olde English bulldogs, Walter, and Watson. Two cats, Thomas and Theodore and several fish too. My life dream is to one day fill my entire house with bulldogs, including Olde English, English and French too! 

In 2007, I brought home my first French Bulldog,  Wilbur. After adopting Wilbur, and learning that he had allergic reactions to the most basic ingredients, I did some playing around with my baking skills, and developed a simple, human grade high quality treats that tastes great!


Candace Philips - Founder of Dog's & Company Pet Treats

Hi, I'm Candace!

the visionary and developer behind the GRANDIOSE Dogs & Company vision!

Our Mission

Our company’s foundation is structured on passion, purpose, and pets! We simply want the best options for people, and their pets.


Our products are quality focused, creatively designed and presented. 


Our core drive and purpose is to provide a full circle experience, including multiple expressions of happiness to people and pets too. Our mission is to give back to animals in need. 


Dogs & Company derived from the mission to simply offer unique, amazing products that embrace quality, delicious tasting, accented with a twist of humor! 

Giving Back 

It is very important to us to give back to animals in need. A designated portion of all sales will be provided to Animal Rescues throughout Alberta. 


As our company grows, so will our contributions. 

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