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Dogs & Company is a One-of-a-Kind
Dog Specialty Bakery & Boutique

Pet Treats
Don't just tell your pet you
love them show them!

Our entire design concepts from baking to décor, are based on quality, fun and functionality.

Our signature line of dog cookies are:  Gluten Free, Dairy Free and full of Nutrients and Fiber too!


Our pet treats are locally sourced and made. Each design is uniquely developed with love and attention to detail. 

Organic Oats, Eggs and Honey are sourced directly from Central Alberta. 

Although the Coconut Oil  is currently sourced out to our "not so local" suppliers, we fully support  any and all efforts to establish and maintain the growth of Palm Trees here in Alberta! 


Our original line of witty dog cookies and pet treats are made with four simple ingredients: Oats, Eggs, Coconut Oil and Honey.

Dogs love the taste. Humans love that they are fun and full of nutrition and supports local business. 

Did you know that our mission is
to give back to animals in need?

A designated portion of all sales will be provided to Animal Rescues throughout Alberta. As our company grows, so will our contributions. 

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